Plan, deploy and manage EV charging infrastructure

With all involved stakeholders and all the data you need: on one independent software platform.

Getting ready for a surge in electric charging demand

In the coming years, the demand for electric charging will increase significantly, posing a significant challenge for municipalities, operators, and contractors.

Together, we must ensure that planning, building, and monitoring of charging infrastructure is carried out efficiently and in a data-driven manner.

One collaborative platform for all stakeholders

Amsterdam based EVTools is working from this challenge to build our vision for a joint platform, where everyone (from the policy makers to contractors):

  • can work together;
  • have access to essential data;
  • works from standardized processes;
  • benefits from an open IT architecture with open interfaces so that you are never dependent on one party, and the government remains the owner of the data;
  • has transparent overviews of workload and what the installation status;
  • has insight into lead times and bottlenecks;

    By working from one platform, we avoid mistakes, delays, unnecessary high costs, and data loss throughout the entire process.

    And we can make our charging infrastructure future-proof more quickly and efficiently.

How our platform can accelerate deployment of EV charging infrastructure

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