Why EVtools?




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Forecasts & plan maps

Get insights into EV growth in your local area and identify ideal current and future charging sites


  • View expected numbers of EVs and charging needs of residents, commuters and visitors up until 2030, at street level down to 200m
  • Plan ideal charging sites based on your defined placement criteria, best practices and data
  • Collaborate easily, with everything stored securely in the cloud
  • Combine all information on charging station providers in the same overview


Implementation Portal

User-friendly and clean design, providing insight and control over all implementation stages via one central online portal independent of market parties.


  • All providers’ charging points in one overview
  • Compatible with existing and new workflows
  • Streamlined and efficient, with tasks organised centrally
  • Proactive policy support
  • Integrates perfectly with other EVtools and external systems you already work with




Management & insight

Real-time management and data-driven optimisation of your charging point network with a market-independent software solution.


  • Data-driven upscaling and the optimalization of charging stations. Up to 50% fewer operations than manual replenishment
  • Compatible with all forms of tendering
  • Data can be retrieved from the charging network at any time
  • Integrates perfectly with Maps, Workflow and external systems you already work with
  • Intuitive visualisation of charging network

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