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The challenge

By 2030 there are likely to be around two million electric vehicles on Dutch roads that will need to charge at public and private charging points. Public authorities and the business community together face the task of ensuring enough charging facilities for everyone.

The solution
To meet this challenge, the roll-out of EV charging infrastructure must be accelerated. A manual, reactive approach won’t work; this requires a proactive, data-driven strategy using smart software technology. Technology that provides insight into vehicle movements, charging needs and behaviour lays the foundation for an optimal charging network in the region.

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What we offer

We offer three software tools to help you accelerate the transition to zero-emission mobility. Our Maps, Workflow and Monitoring tools provide an innovative complete solution comprising data and cloud software that manages charging infrastructure in a scalable and cost-effective way.

EVtools helps you at every stage of your placement strategy, implementation and management:

  • Future-proof and scalable
  • Advanced and intuitive
  • For both public and private sectors
  • Independent of current and future charging station operators

Discover maps, workflow and monitoring

Powerful and easy to use, either individually or together


  • Forecasts of electric vehicles and charging requirements
  • Consistent placement policy for the best sites
  • All contextual factors clearly displayed on a plan map


  • Shorter turnaround time for implementation
  • Control over the implementation process
  • One platform for all stakeholders
  • Independent of current and future charging station operators


  • Consumption analyses and reports
  • Data-driven upscaling
  • Charging network usage optimisation

Why EVtools?




years of expertise and experience in electric mobility


years active with EVtools


standalone or for integration with existing GIS and ERP systems


of charging point operators and suppliers

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During this no-obligation demo, an expert will take you on a tour of EVtools. You can indicate what is important to your organization. Then we will adjust the demo so that you get an even better idea of the possibilities.