Workflow: Accelerate your charger network deployment and management with EVTools software.

Gain insight into and control over all process steps, presented in a user-friendly centralized online portal.

Shortened realization lead time with 3 months per charger location.

Efficiency and control over the realization process, saving 9 hours in manpower per location.

Activate your stakeholders through one platform, saving time by centrally sharing information.

The challenge

By 2030, 44 million electric cars need to be equipped with sufficient public and private charging infrastructure in Europe. This network needs to be rolled out in a timely and organized manner by CPOs, parking asset managers, installers, governments and grid companies. Chargepoint operators and landowners face various challenges, including:

  • Time-consuming transfer of information about charging locations;
  • High personnel costs per installed charging station due to lengthy procedures;
  • Lack of information about location potential and technical possibilities;
  •  Growing demand for charging stations with impatient stakeholders, that require transparent communication;
  • Risk of delays due to a lack of central overview and process management;
  • Increasing pressure from customers for rapid implementation of charging stations and details about the rollout process;
  • Lack of insight into the process status and assignment of actions.

Important Workflow benefits

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"With EVTools Workflow more than 18,000 charger installation processes have been successfully completed”


We accelerate the network planning and rollout process. Deployment of charging infrastructure without a structured process, manually and reactively, is a thing of the past.

By using our software, you can reduce the required time for network expansion by 65%, with a shortened lead time from 9 to 3 months.

With intelligent algorithms, remote software technology, and open-source data connections, significant time can be saved. Your network expands faster than ever without losing oversight, and your ambitious network rollout plan becomes a reality.


EVTools offers an independent and integrated SaaS-platform that gathers all information about your charging network. Our system ensures cost-effective deployment and management of charging infrastructure networks, making your processes easily traceable. Expanding and managing a charging infrastructure network has never been easier.

What does our Workflow do? 

Our software platform is the largest independent deployment and management software proven to efficiently and transparently orchestrate charging infrastructure from demand to realization and management. The software provides:

Speed Through a Tightly Regulated Process

  • Uniform information transfer between stakeholders;
  • Efficiency enhancement by automating manual actions;
  • Easily switch between the request and implementation process environments’
  • Simplifies the continuous complex process of rollout and expansion reinforcement, relocation, and removal;
  • Defined and clearly assigned responsibilities and actions;
  • Automate location proposals. 

User and Rights Management 

  • Timely information provision to external parties: Ability to automatically notify stakeholders via mailing;
  • Easy communication between your employees, customers, suppliers, and third parties;
  • Define the rights structure for participants yourself.

Reduced Dependency on Stakeholders

  • Possibility to synchronize with other workflows via links;
  • All realized and planned charging stations are visible through a link;
  • Administrative-financial, contractual, and technical documents always at hand, linked to the correct process;
  • Smooth functioning with a diversity of types of charging points.

Numerous Integration Possibilities

  • Planning / forecasts from third parties;
  • Monitoring of consumption for long-term network development;
  • Practical aspects of placement (around location proposal);
  • Can integrate contract conditions for managing short-term realization;
  • Linking and integration of service agreements (SLAs), with performance goals (KPIs) that partners commit to.

Online Reporting and Support

  • Up-to-date Insight into Applications, Statuses, and Throughput Times
  • Management reports for contract management and managers;
  • Retention and analysis of all collected data;
  • Cloud-based storage of information with continuous updates.

"With Workflow, expanding and managing your charging infrastructure becomes easier than ever before."

The challenge of sufficient charging infrastructure: in numbers